1. As long as I breath from the diaphram, and blow the notes confidently, my piccolo playing seems to be coming on quite well, and not too screaching and ear-piercing. That said it’s still loud and high, and really I ought to be careful just how late I do practice Vaughan Williams’ Folk Song Suite.

2. Bella and Arthur seem to be adapting to my music making. Once cautious, if not fearful, of flute and piccolo, now they will carry on sleeping throughout… 😉

3. The current vintage of Sloe Gin has a damn fine tast. Mm-mmnn… sloe gin and chocolate olivers.

4. This might be useful, and there is way too much to be said in the world about the humble quotation mark.

5. I am on the last page of revising Part One, Chapter Six. I’m still getting some good crits back from CC, and I may try submitting it somewhere once I’ve got Part One finished. This said, I’m trying to work out if that’s wise or not – I mean what if some publisher was to get back to me uncharacteristically quickly with a ‘this is great – send us all of it’ reply? Yeah, I know, that’s unlikely (on both counts), but Sod’s Law dictates… :-\