Time was when we had a strong cohort of people in our department who would all go to lunch at the same time and fill the big long table in the centre of the atrium (the big long table that I think was put there after the canteen staff got tired of rearranging the tables after we had made big long tables out of the shorter ones), and time was when the conversation was lively and engaging.

Numbers have dwindled though, and sometimes we can barely muster enough to make one of the small round tables look crowded, and conversation seems to become increasingly dull and uninteresting. Actually, it seems to result in daily bitching by two of our number towards another colleague. It’s kind of meant in good spirits I think, but it doesn’t sit well with me. The person in question is odd, and one of those characters that can be *a bit much* but she’s not all bad. She’s a nice enough person in small doses, which too be honest is more than can be said for one of the others who by anyone’s admission – even their own friends – does have a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde character, and not someone who whilst potentially nice, is not someone who I could ever trust absolutely.

And now I feel bad because I’m bitching about these people behind their backs, which is precisely what I don’t like. Aghh, the complexities of human nature, it’s enough to make your head spin!

[Friends locked purely because these pages seem to have bizarrely, become *cult* reading by some at work, and if I don’t lock this they *will* go on about it incessently forever and a day…]