1. The drive into work this morning was gorgeous; clear and bright but with a slight misty haziness over the fields and a pinky-red tinge to the whispy slither-like clouds.

2. In 10 days journal, his journal will be four years old. Tell me how I should celebrate.

3. I think I now know how Part Two of Blood & Fire will go. Or rather, I think the structure that it currently has will work okay. Thanks Helen… 😉

4. Driving home tonight, was absolutely gorgeous. Even taking the hill out of Barton, past the crematorium with the Beckley radio transmitter on the hill ahead, looked nice; such rich, wonderful colours lit by winter sun. I think I might revise my opinion of Winter. So farJanuary/February has not been the grey durge that I have always remembered them to be.

5. I meant to watch another episode of Battlestar Galactica tonight, but in the end I have ended up critting into the night. 🙂