The sun has been shining and Spring is definitely sprunging all around, and so far a number of good things have happened. 🙂

1. Yesterday I sent an en-masse email invite around just about everyone who I’ve ever worked with inviting them to my leaving drinks/meal two weeks yesterday. Using the Microsoft Outlook voting buttons I cunningly provided them with two ways of saying Yes and no ways of No. *grins* I also provided them with five reasons why they should come along:

  • You want to wish me well in whatever direction my career takes me
  • You want to try and ensure you get an invite to that book launch
  • It’s a Monday and nobody ever has plans for a Monday
  • It’s payday, so about the only day of the month when there actually is cash in the bank
  • You want a really good reason to stay in Oxford until the May Day celebrations in Oxford the following morning
2. With all that’s happening in my life at the moment I decided that I needed a little treat. So I have now ordered myself the sleek and elegant and rather beautiful Fuji FinePix Z5 – in silver rather than raspberrypink. This is not a replacement to my SLR-style camera but a purely indulgent addition along the lines of something ultra-thin I can carry with me always (and it comes with some pretty fine reviews too!)

3. I have another job interview. It’s this Thursday at Sophos (you know the Anti-Virusy folk) in Abingdon – sandwiched between my favourite swimming pool and Waitrose. I say job interview but actually it’s more like job interviews. I applied for a Website Administrator role, but they want to also interview me a Content Editor position. What’s more, they certainly take their interviews seriously. I have a pre-interview assignment to do, and then on the day a proof-reading test and an essay-style question to do before I even get into the interview chair. Keep your fingers crossed for me, it really would be nice not to have to dig into my redundancy money.