It’s been a funny old summer really. I’m probably one of the most optimistic people you can find, but even I’m finding the grey days and rain a bit wearsome by now. That’s not to say of course that when summer has been with us, it hasn’t been truly special though. But it’s also been a funny ol’ summer because I’ve not been writing here – not nearly so much as I would have liked.

I guess the reason why, is that I’m adjusting to a change in my life. Thus the evenings on the phone to, and the weekends with Emma…

Originally uploaded by shepline on 22 Aug ’07, 10.53pm BST PST.
I don’t begrudge any of it. Not in the slightest. Emma is lovely, and its great having a girlfriend to laugh and joke and do things with. But I am going through these adjustments in my life. But I like writing here, and I will get back to it. One of the reasons that I haven’t is because I was waiting to catch up, and then waiting to catch up before I could catch up some more and now I have a backlog. But things change from here on in and I will post a whole lot more regularly (after all, how long does it take). And I will back fill the last month from here.

And there you were thinking that I was off galivanting round some obscure part of Eastern Europe and about to come back with another epic travelogue?!! Nope, not this year. Just Cumbria in September for me, and Wales in November… 😉