I’m actually leaving at 1pm this afternoon for my weekend, thanks to getting into work at 7.30 this morning! No, that’s not a sudden surge of enthusiasm and keenness for the job, but rather ‘I might as well seeings as I’ve been up since 3am with a funny tummy’. No, before you scream TMI at me, there was puking involved, I just had really horrible, won’t go awayee type muscle pains across my tummy region. I don’t think it was anything I ate so I think it might have been holding my tummy in whilst cycling yesterday which I caught myself doing. Anyway, I was unable to sleep which was not nice. In the end I had a 5 o’clock bath – which was – umm, interesting for the two little black faces that appeared suddenly and looked on over the edge with their little black paws on the side. 🙂

I’m now trying to make myself feel better with some fair trade 70% cocoa chocolate. Surely that’s got to be good for me hasn’t it?!!