1. Red sky in the morning, Shepherd’s warning – that was the gorgeously beautiful sky that greeted me upon pulling back the curtains this morning. Okay, I confess it, had I actually had got up when I should have got up, then it should have been a black, night sky…)

2. One for sorrow, two for joy – driving in to Oxford through Kidlington, what I thought at first were new speed cameras fixed to the top of a very tall lamp post were actually a couple of magpies.

3. Weighing myself this morning, it seems that I have lost another 3lbs. This is good. 🙂 Coincidentally, this is the same weight of the sloes that we picked yesterday to make the gin…

4. I’m still not telling you what I actually weigh!! *grins*

5. I’m the current high bidder on The Church Mice Take a Break (not this actual one, I’m not *that* crazy – I’m currently up to £4.20) over at ebay. I so love Graham Oakley’s books about Arthur and Humphrey and Sampson the Church Cat who has taken a vow never to harm mice. I must remember not to tell my Arthur that he is actually named after a mouse! The indignity of it!! 😉