Last night, whilst vacumning round the house, I reversed my bedroom in order to have a ‘bedside table’ and lamp on both sides of it. In addition to this I may be able to find room for one or two of the nice tumbletwist rugs that are currently in the loft. This morning, I hadn’t the clue where I was. At first I thought I’d woken up really early because it was still pitch black outside, until I realised that where the window used to me was now the door to the landing, as the window was now on the otherside of the room (from where I was lying).

I think I’ve just about re-orientated myself now… :-

Is it the official definition of a loft that it is the ‘room’ in the roofspace accessed by a hatch, whereas an attic is the same but accessed by stairs? Or am I just making that up…?