1. Arthur was still not quite right this morning. Not quite his usual carefree self, and uninterested in food. I booked an appointment with the vet. He does have a bit of a temperature, but otherwise seems to be okay. The vets dosed him up with anti-inflamatories and antibiotics and he has to go back tomorrow to see how his temperature is. It’s probably man-flu though!

2. Timing is a wonderful thing. I left a bit early so that I knew I would get to the vets alright. I got back to the car, and was about to plug my phone into the car when this number I don’t know started to ring. I answered. It was only the agent from Cream – one of the agencies when it comes to web/creative jobs! I’d slung in an application for a job the other day, and she was phoning to find out a bit more about me before submitting my cv in to the company. Yayy, go me! Every time that I have previously applied for a job via Cream, its come back with ‘your cv is interesting but our clients are looking for people who have worked in design studios’ answer.

3. I got home just after 5 o’clock, to discover that Arthur seemed to be (encouragingly) a bit more perky. I also missed by seconds another call from Claire at Cream. Hrmm…? I was about to phone back when she phoned my landline. The company, Clere, based in Newbury would only like to inteview me. They were offering tomorrow, but that’s just a little too soon, so the interview is next Tuesday. Looking up the directions on google, it looks like a 53 minute commute without traffic, so pretty nasty from Bicester every morning. But if, once I’d got any kind of probation over and done with, I moved, then Abingdon would come into the frey – or somewhere like that. It’s not like Emma and I haven’t been talking about future, and that would necessitate a move anyway…