Ggrr… yesterday upon leaving the ‘Thank you for visiting Bicester’ sign, I encountered break lights and queuing traffic and narrowly avoided a 45 minute jam getting to the M40 junction. This was because the lights were out on the roundabout, not helped by an accident down near Kidlington causing 10 miles of tailbacks and a total back road journey of me of an hour just to get the bus. Still, I was glad I did get a bus considering the thunderstorm we had that evening. Today, it wasn’t much better – a lorry had overturned on the A43 somewhere to the north and was causing all the M40 destined traffic to come south through and around and anywhere near Bicester. In the end, I turned the car around and headed off by a circumfluent route via Buckley Bucknell, Emma’s watertower, Middleton Stoney, Julian’s road, Kirtlington, Bletchington until I reached the Kidlington Park & Ride 45 minutes later. Not actually bad, all things considered.