When you go house hunting you have to start anywhere. To get an idea of what’s out there and in our budget, Emma and I took our checklist and hit the property trail. Within an hour we had seen possibly two ends of the extreme. It’s true that the house in Caversfield was seen, mostly to satisfy our own ‘yer-what’ curiosity as to the matching up of photo with floor plan, but it was also a possible in terms of what a three bed house in that ex-US army estate can offer. What we found was a house in the less salubrious part of town. There was a nice quiet green onto which it front, but you accessed the property from the rear (it kind of had two fronts and no back – or was it two backs and no front?!), and the immediate surroundings included a street of boarded up houses.

From here we went to see a house on New Langford Village (which we had cycled past in late afternoon sun just a short while before). This one was a two-bed house, and immaculate inside. In fact, it was a little too immaculate. I know that they say that to sell houses you are supposed to depersonalise your home, but there are extremes, and this one had no personality; it was like a show house. It was a nice house though, and with the addition of a conservatory to act as a ‘breakfast room’/’cat-feeding zone’, a real contender.