The house in Glen Close is nice. Very nice. I arrived back in Stratton Audley half an hour or so before my appointment so I was able to wander up to see exactly what kind of business goes on at he nearby Willow Bank Business Park (yes it neighbours the house, but crucially it is a business, not industrial, park). Walking down into the village I realise that at peak commuting time the village is far from a rat run so that’s all good.

Inside the house, it’s perfect. Yes, Em was quite right in that the lounge carpet does smell of the big, smelly, blind dog, and the decoration is too fussy for my taste, but it’s a good, solid ex-Council, 1950s house. The owner is there and I am able to bombard her with questions to report back later, which I do.

I wouldn’t go as far as put an offer in yet, but it does prompt me to decide that I must get valuations on my house and put it on the market. It’s funny how things go in full circle, and how both Emma and I realise that on the same. I’ve just seen a house that I like, and Emma likes too from the description; my dad made an offer on Whitehouse farm before my Mum had seen it. Emma’s Grannie was saying how it was funny that she would be ending up back in Bicester after living here as a little’un. And there was a third cyclical thing that I can’t recall right now.