I’ve lost my small Moleskine notebook and my insides are doing summersaults of queasiness inside of me. I remember picking it up and putting it in my fleece pocket to go to lunch, with my novel to read and the other notebook containing Mr Tumnal, and my lunch and my flask of soup. Then when I got to my table I discovered the notebook gone. I went back straight away to replace my desk and to see if I’d left it on my desk, but I hadn’t. I was out of sorts all through lunch, and had another search after lunch, and asked at the canteen and reception to see if anyone handed it in.

I guess it may be a false memory, me putting it in my fleece pocket – something that I’ve done for 10 months now, I just think it happened, and I try to console myself that when I get home it will be waiting for me.

Update: Okay, home now, and its not here. I’ve looked everywhere. Oh where is it? It contains so much important stuff, I can’t think now exactly what it all is that it contains. I kind of know that I’m not going to sleep well tonight…