Yesterday I had a weird phone call from the agency who previously employed me. They were following up on a call I’d had with one of their colleagues last week (not that I remember this call, but I think it might be the curious one, from a different agency, for a job with immediate start in Brighton?!). Basically, without me knowingly having said anything they’ve found out that I’m still at OUP, or be it on a completely separate job, got via someone who knows me and my work from a different company five years ago.

The upshot is that the agency are now chasing OUP for their cut of the ‘finder’s fee’ which quite frankly I don’t think they deserve (for reasons stated above). Not that this is really anything to do with me. OUP still want me and are prepared to pay for me. This is something for them to sort out for themselves with the agency.

What is it with the job title agent though? Is it code for ‘bull shitter’, ‘cos they seem to be all like that, with the gift of the gab and making money out of getting what they want through sly words. How sly is it to find out what I’m doing job-wise by pretending to be another agent?!!