Last night I never really got round to having dinner. In order to save time today I made sure I cleaned my house last night, and by the time I finished I really wasn’t all that hungry, so I just pigged out on humous and crisps and a yogurt whilst watching Have I Got News For You. This has meant that today, I:

1. Got to Bicester Glass after remeasuring my bookshelves and managed to get the 6 doors trimmed down by 4 mm.

2. Driving back through Launton, I passed a little old guy selling plants from his front garden. Drawn to good quality, cheap plants I bought a large tray of petunias and some runner beans for six quid

3. Back home, I discovered – yay! – that the glass doors now fitted, perfectly. My Folio Society books are now Ronald-proof.

4. I then spent a happy few hours, planting out petunias into my pots, and tidying up the back garden, moving later to beginning an attack on the ground elder in the front. Its a long job, but I have made the path to front door more acceptable.

5. Em arrived for a quick lunch before we wandered around the corner to see House #1 in Spruce Drive. On paper, we weren’t too enthused about this house but its actually pretty nice. Three good size rooms with a spacious ground floor and large garden. Definitely in the top two or so, and not just because they are with the same agent as myself and Alexander’s have a plan. We then wandered home, and collected the car to head out to Langford Village for House #2 – a larger than average 2-bed house – actually the master bedroom is enormous, but the downstairs accommodation whilst nice is small, and it fronts onto a busy-ish road.

6. And so to Homebase. The plan was to buy (on my parentals instruction) my birthday present – a barbeque – sadly though the one we liked was out of stock, but they were able to put one by for me at their Aylesbury branch. Em did select and buy me a toolbox for my birthday. We then went on to the garden centre for fishweed, and I ended up buying compost, gravel, and birthday presents for Ben, and naming day presents for Jonas, and some nice wooden salad servers for myself.

7. After a dubious weather forecast for today, we’ve actually been really lucky, and the only rain to speak of came whilst we drove over to Aylesbury, and collected the barbeque and then drove home again.

8. I cooked a nice toad’n’the’hole meal using both meat and vegetarian ‘toads’ and then, had great fun arranging all my tools and screws and nails and stuff into my new toolbox. Oh what fun! 🙂