1. My new barbeque says that is should take just 15 minutes to assemble. Now, normally I’m pretty good with diy and practitcal-type projects, but this one had me beaten. All the parts and screws are assigned codes (which are either letters or numbers), and then all the parts have quantities, and the directions are listed in stages by letters. Then the assembly is actually quite fiddly already and you get one horrid nightmare of a thing to construct. I enjoyed it none-the-less though, and by lunchtime I had an assembled barbeque sitting in my garden. It is a good thing though that we we weren’t planning on cooking on it until this evening.

2. Today Em and I have been considering the house in Spruce Drive. We do like it, alot – which is a bit weird considering that its not the house in Stratton Audley and its a housing estate and not a village. We’ve been wondering if we like it just because there might be hope in The Alexander Plan that my house might get sold, but I don’t think so. It did genuinely feel homely. And it still has that garage that might double as my ‘Print Room’

3. Went for a nice cycle ride this afternoon, including a pint of cider at The Red Lion in Stratton Audley. Then we came home, and Em had a snooze whilst I planted up my runner beans. My garden is looking nice. I neglected it last year. I’m not going to let that happen again.