Friday 13th came early for me last night. On the way back from band, I had to make my way through Oxford again due to a road closure on A34, and, whilst waiting at some traffic lights I smelt a horrid petrolly smell and thought that that was a nasty, smelly car in front of me. Further through Oxford I had my windows wound down to get rid of the smell, and for the most part it was gone, tho’ it was still lingering. Back on the A34 and everything was fine, until I got to the big roundabout over the M40 where I smelt it again. I also noticed that my fuel guage – previously around half full was significantly down – the first inkling that something was up. As I pulled away, I had to really pump the accelerator to get me going (yes, I know now, probably the wrong thing to do as it happens) and I did get faster, eventually, after a struggling. Going through town, I was fine until the last stretch round the ringroad when again, I had a problem accelerating and my fuel guage was around ⅛th! Not good.

I did manage to park up in my parking space, but it was then that I saw the identifiable trickle of petrol leading from the back of my car, round the road and back where I had just come from. Definitely not good. I’m not going to even attempt to go anywhere, I thought.

Now, I’m just waiting for the right time to phone Britannia Rescue to be taken to the garage where hopefully there will be a courtesy car waiting for me… *fingers crossed*