The process of copying all my data off my computer was a careful and methodical one. Intriguing to, as for a hard disk that was 60GB with available capacity of c.56GB and 16GB free, I ended up with 80GB of files! You what? Further to this, there were files, particularly photographs from my ‘Visuals’ folder which I had long since deleted after transferring them to my external hard drive months or years ago. Weird?!! I can only imagine that GetDataBack is a program that is akin to one that the police use when they take Gary Glitter’s computer in for questioning.

Then came the real nerve-wracking bit; time to hit the factory reset button and start again, and the message that all information on the hard drive will be wiped. My finger hovered over the button for the while. All my data, about to go. But I have a copy of it still, it’s fine, I tell myself. I pressed the button. Fifteen minutes or so later I was being welcomed to my computer like it was June 2005.