~ What a glorious day! We were going to deep‐clean and de‐hair the house after getting back from our early morning Tesco trip, but when we got home it was too nice for all of that. Em got stuck into the water feature, fountain thing out the front that we inherited with the house in a ‘trodden on’ form, and I took up the challenge of the spade and dug up turf from the veg‐patch‐to‐be and laid it again in the middle part‐circle whilst Miss Pettigrew and Wiggy frollicked in the garden.

~ Egg‐citing developments were that Miss Guinevere laid her first egg. I have to say, its a funny old colour, sort of brown with a purple tinge to it.

~ And so to lunch time. We fetched our fresh‐baked bread and cheese and sat out on the patio and ate our lunch. It was possibly a little nippy, but very pleasant — and the first of the year! 🙂

~ In the afternoon we went and discussed wedding flowers with, it turns out, Em’s doctor’s wife! What a small world it is…

~ And now I’m shattered. But pleasantly shattered… 😉