I’ve been yearning all weekend to sit down with my pen and my book and write more of Mr Tumnal’s story, and yet I haven’t quite got there. I haven’t wasted time, far from it (see my earlier post), its just that these things all needed to be done, and yes, I also wanted to do those things and it has been very nice and I’ve had a very nice time of it, but it has distracted me from my aim and my goal, and my story.

Partly, it has to be said, I’m a bit scared of the next section that I have to write; I’m scared that I won’t do it justice. Louis has just met Kathryn at the photography summer school. He is nervous and inward and finds it difficult to handle meeting new people (all things that I know about expertly! *grins*) and so through their awkward conversation some kind of friendship has to grow. Kathryn is after all the girl to blow appart the imaginary life of Mr Tumnal. The conversation, the photography lesson, that I have to write now, is one of the key early scenes in this book…

I’m scared.