• 09:28 : according to New Scientist this could go on for the next 60 years bit.ly/bBYzYh #volcanogod #Icelandic #ashcloud via @neilhimself #
  • 15:52 would like this to happen: Why all bets are off in this election. ALL bets. Very interesting data: bit.ly/bwiCZh via @DrEvanHarris #
  • 16:28 is humbled by the awesomely spectacular: amazing photos of Eyjafjallajokull volcano bit.ly/aEc4jC #iceland via @btcv @channel4news #
  • 18:25 wonders whether the 3 agents I sent #TheEndOfAllWorlds to, have realised they’ve got a novel on their desks about #Icelandic climate chaos? #
  • 19:33 ponders whether we could we live without flights? bit.ly/bFINXK #

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