• 02:13 has been a vet nurse assistant for a poor little cat knocked down in the road. I would like to get some sleep now, but I’m not sleepy… #
  • 09:02 is surprisingly awake this morning for only about four hours sleep…. #
  • 10:20 : can’t say Eyjafjallajökull? Break it up into its component words and it’s easier: Eyja fjalla jökull (ay ya fyatla YO kutl) (@redsonika) #
  • 11:26 is anyone else a bit sad that planes are flying again? #Icelandic #ashtag That said, at least I will get to see my cousin at the weekend now #
  • 12:54 is editing reference lists, would you believe it, and putting it all into some kind of house style.
    Boy do I miss #BEES #
  • 15:28 is stuck in the middle of a reference list. Author, Date, Harvard, Vancouver… #
  • 21:16 would like to wish Emma a very happy third anniversary of having actually met! Here’s to many, many more! 🙂 xxx #
  • 22:40 wonders how loud do Hullaballoos need to be and how late do they need to be being loud before you call the police? #hullaballoos #

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