It’s been somewhat of a weird weekend. Emma’s been working, and when I say working, I mean really working. Not just the Saturday morning and the little bit of on call, but like multiple call outs. Today, I think, she has been at work for more time than she’s been at home and she’s still there now. As a result I haven’t been able to fully relax this weekend as I’ve been worrying somewhat that Emma’s going to work herself into a heap of exhausion, particularly as this week her next day off is not until Friday.

I think I’ve managed to lighten the load a bit though by doing all the cleaning, including under the sofa which I think we’ve neglected for a bit too long. I’ve also cleaned out all the animals and watered the garden, so hopefully when Emma does get home she will a) be able to eat ‘something’ if she’s not too tired, and/or b) go straight to bed without worrying about anything.

In amongst all the jobs and cleaning I have had a nice time sitting in the garden writing – yet more words done today. This evening was particularly pleasent. I believe that there was some football match or other on tonight – quite a big game apparently – well, the upshot is that it was so very, very peaceful and quiet in the late evening. Very nice.

28924 / 80000 words. 36% done!