In a BBC Radio 4 Tracing Your Roots census special, they gave a very cool idea, that, before you send off your form, you photocopy it and keep it safe to hand down through the generations so that your own family at least don’t have to wait until 2111 to see it! I’m going to do this as I think it is a really neat idea.

Some people don’t approve of the time and money and nature of the census. I’m not one of them. As someone who has made great use of the past censuses when looking up my own and Emma’s family trees I know what value they are to have. I shall thereby sending my back, as fully as intended, to be counted. In filling it in, I took a geeky pleasure in noting down my profession of Web Designer. Surely that has got to be one of the high growth job titles in the last ten years! I don’t know what Philip but down for my job title on his his form ten years ago, but if he put Electronic Content Quality Controller then future historians will see just what blip in history and a transient thing that was.