What follows presupposes that at some before I die I have written lots of book which make, if in a small way, some kind of impact.

This being the case, if, at some point in the future, either me or my books become famous and/or liked enough to continue being of interest and read after my death, and at some point I have a biographer working on researching my early life and the time surrounding the time of my first ‘break-through’ novel … will they be looking into archived records of my twitter feed as evidence of my thought patterns and writing life?

Also, a few years ago when I was mostly writing film and tv scripts (obviously to this day, unmade), I used to have this little recurring dream. It involved Radio 1’s film critic, James King with his slightly aggressive and acerbic style, appearing on Radio 4’s Front Row programme. It had him starting off his review with an admission that he went to see this show with the intention that he would hate it, and find fault with it, that after success after success I was due a flop, but that he couldn’t it. It was quite simply, brilliant.

Hrmm… an amusing dream…