Finally, after days of lowering gloom and greyness we saw the sun today! Or at least I did – aside from her weekly trip to the counselors this morning, Emma has taken a downward tumble into sickiness again and has spent much of the day either in bed, or on the sofa asleep and/or dozing. I spent some time in the fresh air of the garden this morning, cleaning out the bunnies and the chickens.

This afternoon we’ve tested the cats IQ – thanks to a book that Caroline gave Emma for her birthday.

Quotiens Intelligentiae Felines

Bella  118
Nellie  116
Scooter 116 
Blini 116 
William 115 
Ronnie 113 
Arthur  109 
Cat IQ Classification Chart
Total Test Score Classification
 60-69 Below Normal
 70-89  Low Normal
 90-109  Normal
 110-119  Above Normal
 120-139  Superior
 140 and above  Genius