My debut novel, The End Of All Worlds, will be available for free from midnight to midnight PST on Thursday 7 June 2012. It has been a fantastic three weeks since I published the book, with sales averaging out at 2 a day, which in anyone’s book (please forgive that pun) is a huge achievement for an unknown author. Hopefully, going free for the day will give my story just that little bit more exposure that it needs.

The story is blended with different stories, not just the adventures with the huldufolk and the very real threat of climate change but also stories of romance, and the development of Hanna’s band. One of the threads is that of Alice. She walked into this novel out of an earlier, unrelated, story. She’s brilliant. See an extract from her own diary entry – one of the unseen but parallel stories in the novel.

From Alice Cartwright’s Diary

Day 1: Reykjavik to Hólar

I don’t think I’ve ever been more scared in my life. I’ve been travelling for over 24 hours now. First I had to get the train down from Manchester to Cheltenham to meet up with Kirsten. Quick cup of tea and a Snickers and she was driving us to Heathrow to get our flight. I was petrified. It was bad enough before I did my first NT Acorn camp – that’s where me and Kirsten met – and it was a great holiday. The best.

This was different. Hardcore. This was a proper expedition. Iceland in tents, building and repairing trails. I thought drystone walling on the York moors was going to be scary.

The gang are not what I was expecting though. They are just normal. I mean there’s the usual weirdo who I’m going to have to avoid, but the rest seem nice. Kirsten and I have fallen in with a couple who seem nice. I say couple, they’re friends. He’s really fit. She’s half-Icelandic or something with family in Reykjavik. I thought we were staying in Reykjavik overnight but the leader he’s driven us from the airport and gone straight north. We’re staying our first night in an agricultural school or something – mattresses on the classroom floor with these really scary portraits that follow you round the room – very Harry Potter!

The country is so beautiful. The drive up here was amazing. I’m going to love this trip. I know I am. But bed now. I think there’s our first geothermal pool to look forward to after breakfast tomorrow…

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