I’ve had quite a productive week this week, working on a new version of one of our departmental websites. Whilst I’ve not been building it in the new content management system, I have been attempting to build it in such a way as it looks like its built in the new system, and also trying to replicate how it will be when it is, eventually, in the new CMS.

Today, was an unscheduled (or at least unscheduled until yesterday) half-day. I left work at lunch time to head home, stopping in Launton for the butchers, and then again in town for veg from the market, in order that I could clean out the animals and get started on much of the house-cleaning before my parents came up for the weekend.

They’ve only been back in the country for a few days but were heading up to my brother’s in Cambridgeshire to see them Sunday-Tuesday and I suggested that they might like to come up to us en-route so that they would finally get a chance to see the brilliant Magical Books exhibition at The Bodleian before it closes on Sunday.

I had a nice time in the garden in the autumn sunshine, and cleaned the bathrooms too, and processed some more washing through the system, and I still got time to read some of my book too! A good day… 🙂