I’ve been feeling a bit lost of late; awkward and altogether out of sorts. I’ve now Either out why this is. You see, I’m currently not writing, and this is not usual for me. You see I’m never not writing. Or at least, if I’m not writing new stories then I’m revising the written ones.

Don’t be mistaken into thinking that I’m out of stories. I’m not. Not by any means.It’s just that I am between stories. Mr Tumnal is completed and my next work-in-progress is not yet begun. Of course Mr Tumnal is not completed completely… but I’ve sent it off to three friends to beta read and I’m waiting patiently, if nervously, to hear what they say. Until then, I’m in this period of limbo.

I am getting to read lots, which is good, and I’ve completed my first first post on another blog, in this case the blog of historian, and medieval bed specialist, Joanne Bailey.Hopefully I will get back to some writing soon and normal service will resume.