I sometimes think that I am not learning. That nothing is changing. On the outset I look at my training course last week, and wonder, when I try to explain to others how it went or what I am doing there, whether I am actually achieving anything?!! I don’t notice any seismic shifts in my personality, and I find it hard explain what the process is.

However, here is where the funny thing is. Regardless of all that, subtle shifts are taking place in me. It’s like when I did the Navigator training programme back in 2002. I didn’t feel at the time, like anything was happening, indeed it wasn’t till about a year and a half later when I tried talking it through to a prospective new Navigatee that it suddenly clicked in me what it was that I had learnt, and how I had changed…

…it is similar with Project Nelly. It is not until after I have floundered through some awkward, hesitent explanation (or at least that is how I see it) that I realise from the response that follows that actually I am changing, if subtly.

That I am learning.