First off, let me say thanks to you all those who commented on my last post. You are all such kind, thoughtful people, on what has been an odd sort of day. Today has definitely been the day that I thought it would be. I had a good cry upon standing back from placing the stone over Pepper’s final resting place, and since then, have drifted listless.

I have done some washing. I have cut the grass. And I have continued my assault on the ground elder. I have also read some more of Steve Augarde’s excellent book, The Various. I have read posts and comments on LJ, and some snippets of The Play. I have not been able to settle on The Novel, today.

Roast Lamb and veggies followed by one of those (totally decadent) chocolate pots from Gu.

Doctor Who tonight was great, a million times better than than the disappointingly naff and shambolic season opener last week.