I have a perennial New Year’s resolution to read more. One that I’ve not been doing to too good at. I keep a log of all the books I read (note: it is also updated online via the Facebook Booktracker app but my main log, is actually a page in the back of my small Moleskine writing notebook) and my yearly tally seems to only be as long as some of my friends monthly tallies. It is also consistently about the same length no matter how much I try to read more.

That said, there is, in anyone’s life, only a finite amount of time that one can spend doing something, and I do spend more time writing than some, and I am just one of those people, who, whilst being a keen reader, is also a slow one.

So far this year though, I have been, I think, possibly imperceptibly maybe, reading more. But we are now a week into the new year, and before that we had the Christmas week, and before that the lead-up to Christmas. It’s going to be a month pretty soon (if not already) since I have written anything more to Mr Tumnal. I need to get back to his story for it was going so well.